Information Research

Immediately reply after receiving your inquiry. We only need you 10 minutes to let us know the products information like OE numbers, big brand numbers, specifications, packing requirement. If you have any special requirements, let us know, we can do customize service for you.

Suppliers Sourcing

We have a strong supplier network includes 500+ manufacturers in auto spare parts & equipments. Our products managers identify relevant suppliers based on your requirements and our professional standards, we eliminate risk by verifying the legality of manufacturers.

 We do not just collect prices, we do prices analysis, we understand market pricing and select the most competitive supplier for you. 

After you confirm the price, we will arrange samples to you for approval. Free Service for first samples sending.

Free Service, we can send product samples from different manufacturers for free for first samples sending if the total gross weight ( or volume weight) not over 3 KGS. 

Place Order

Production process after 30% deposit. 

Production tracking & Quality Control 

Our team flow up whole production process to make sure you can receive your goods in reasonable delivery time. We do during production inspection to make sure the quality of each item based on ISO/TS16946 standard. We also do pre-shipment inspection and container loading inspection to make full range quality control. 


Our logistics service aims to solve the last miles, we will take care of the logistics for you by our corporation with many big forwarders, save you money and time. We also assist to offer shipping documents if you have your own forwarder. 


USD$498 based on order amount is less than usd$8000

5% commission based on order amount, no hidden cost! 

With sourcing plus,you may get exclusive services, contact for custom proposal.