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Battery isolator is also called dual battery isolator, dual battery isolator, dual battery protector, and also called dual battery separator. The battery isolator is a storage battery connecting device that connects two or more groups of storage batteries together. When charging, multiple storage batteries can be charged together, but when the batteries are discharged, the batteries are discharged separately without affecting each other.
The function and working principle of battery isolator
Battery isolators are mainly used in off-road vehicles, motorhomes, or other special vehicles and special-purpose vehicles that require more electrical equipment. There are also industrial applications.
Every car originally has a battery, which we call the main battery. But if you want to add more electrical equipment to the car, such as car lights, stereos, etc., or even TV, video surveillance, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. Obviously, a battery is not enough, and it is easy to drain the battery of the original car owner. This way the car cannot be started.
At this time, we have to increase the battery and increase the battery capacity. Generally, we call the added battery a secondary battery. Some people directly connect the secondary battery and the main battery in parallel, which is also undesirable. The main battery and the auxiliary battery are directly connected in parallel. Although the total battery capacity has increased, when the auxiliary battery is dead, the main battery is also dead.
To solve such problems, a battery isolator is needed.
The main function of the battery isolator is to enable two batteries to be charged at the same time and used separately, and the battery capacity can be inconsistent.
(1) When charging (the car generator is working), connect the main and auxiliary batteries in parallel and charge them together.
Generally, the main battery is charged first. After the main battery is fully charged, the auxiliary battery is automatically charged without affecting the power supply of the electrical equipment.
(2) When not charging or discharging, (the car generator is not working), the battery isolator will automatically isolate the main and secondary batteries. When the secondary battery is discharged, the main battery will not be discharged, so there is no need to worry about the lack of power to start the engine .
(3) When the main battery is damaged or loses power, there is an emergency auxiliary switch, which can start the car with the power of the auxiliary battery. The principle of this emergency auxiliary switch is actually that when it is not charging or discharging (under normal circumstances, the main and auxiliary batteries are isolated at this time), the main and auxiliary batteries are forcibly connected in parallel, and the auxiliary battery is used as the starting battery.

Post time: Nov-15-2021