One brief introduction about the car covers, helping you learn about the neccessity of them

Car cover, also called car cover, is an outer cover made of cloth or other flexible and wear-resistant materials according to the overall dimensions of the car, and car protective equipment. It can protect car paint and car window glass.
Especially for high-end cars, frequent use of car covers can prolong the service life of the paint and make the paint as bright as new.
Fabric selection
PVC waterproof fabric, PEVA inner flocking cotton velvet composite car cover fabric PEVA lining PP cotton belt rearview mirror ears
In Europe and the United States, many cars parked in open-air parking lots at night are covered with car covers to prevent damage to cars caused by bad weather. During the vacation season, a large number of citizens flock to tourist attractions, and almost all cars parked at home are covered with car covers. Good behavior makes many people use car covers even when parking in the garage. In the hot summer in South Asia, many cars parked in the open air are covered with varying degrees of thatch, mainly to resist excessive sunlight exposure to the car and the resulting high temperature inside the car.
A good car cover can not only provide protection to the car such as acid rain, dust, frost, snow, scratches, etc., but also dress up the car and make it full of fashion charm: most high-end motorhome car covers use solemn colors and textures. Excellent; sports car covers are often bright in color and light-weight materials; family car covers are generous and concise; “Beetle” car covers have a playful pattern… When investigating the European market, people in the industry once saw many cars with the same model in a large indoor parking lot covered with white car covers. The cover, with the corporate logo printed on it, is a behavior to enhance the corporate image.

Post time: Oct-08-2021