Have you ever learned about the cover of your car?

Jerseys, also known as “car clothing”, is a protective outer cover made of flexible and wear-resistant materials according to the overall dimensions of the vehicle. The general car jacket is composed of three parts: the body, the buckle and the spring hook. A good car coat can protect the exterior of the vehicle with a better paint glass.
[Is the jersey useful?]
1. Western country car clothing is a standing item for car owners
In Western countries with deep car culture, car clothing is a standing item of car owners, and most car owners will have a car cover in their trunk. If you park in the open at night, or park in the open during the day in summer, you will be covered with a jersey to protect your car!
The main function of the jersey is “protection”. Simply put, the car jacket can effectively prevent scratches and damage to the paint and glass of the vehicle from harsh external conditions, including wind, sun, acid rain, sand, snow, etc., and better prevent sand and dust from entering the vehicle interior. As a result, the machine failure rate increases. It can prevent passers-by from inadvertently scratching or scratching the vehicle, and it also has a certain degree of vehicle anti-theft function.
Pay attention to the following points when using jerseys correctly:
1. After putting on the jersey, be sure to tighten the bottom rope;
2. When putting away the jersey, it is best to fold the jersey flat, not to form a ball;
3. In rainy and snowy weather, pay attention to prevent the body from being wet and the car jacket from freezing together.
1. Inferior car clothes will damage the paint and glass
Inferior car jackets do not meet the requirements in terms of fabric, size, and appearance design, and cannot be well covered and fixed on the surface of the vehicle. When it is windy, it is “not fit” and shakes. Such inferior fabrics will easily wear the paint and glass of the vehicle. !
2. High-quality car clothing fully protects the paint and glass
High-quality car jackets will be tailored according to the model, and the fabric, size, and appearance design have undergone repeated scientific experiments, especially the car jacket fabric has undergone multiple deep processing treatments, even if it is windy, it will not damage the paint and glass. 3. Choose car clothing to see “brand + sales + word of mouth”

Post time: Sep-27-2021