About Auto Thermostat, How Much Do You Know?

The thermostat, under normal operation, controls the part within a certain range in a circuit or closed circuit, and its action temperature sensor is automatically fixed or adjustable.
A thermostat is a direct device that maintains a desired temperature by one or more heat and cold sources. In order to realize this function, the monitor must have a sensitive element and a converter. The sensitive element measures the temperature change and the required effect of any converter. The function transforms the function from the sensitive element into a device that can properly control the temperature.
working principle
Cooling/heating the modular sampler, using effective cooling air from Peltier elements. Turn it on and set the heating/cooling front of the Pal element according to the temperature. Automatic air from the sample pan area, which heats/cools the channels of the module. Wind speed is determined by environmental conditions (e.g. environmental conditions, temperature). In the heating/cooling module, the air reaches the temperature of the Peltier element, and then these thermostats are blown to the lower air and then into the flowr. This mode ensures efficient cooling/heating of the vials.
In the cooling mode, the surface of a patch element will grow. In order to maintain the performance necessary for foresight, heating and cooling are realized by heating the thumb device of the mobile phone. Fire together, leaving the heated air temperature. The speed determines the temperature of the Peltier component.
During cooling, condensed water will appear in the heating/cooling module. Condensate will be observed by the observer.
There are generally the following types of thermostats:
Plug-in type—the sensor installed on the pipe is inserted into the pipe;
Immersion type — The sensitive element is immersed in the liquid of the pipe or container to control the liquid;
Surface type—Sensitive components are installed on the surface of the pipe or similar surface.

Post time: Sep-17-2021